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Having over 40 years of manufacturing experience, in complex environments, gives our clients confidence in our ability to meet or exceed their expectations.  


Current BMF NZ divisions cover a great range of industry solutions from hydraulic cylinders, fall protection systems, to custom-made industrial hardware.

With extensive casting, machining, and sourcing capabilities we can engineer and manufacture solutions to any of your industrial product needs.


Jon Brantingham,
BMF Group Managing Director

Jon currently resides in Shanghai, China and is BMF Group Managing Director which includes BMF NZ LTD. He has spent over 30 years in the industrial manufacturing field, with specific focus in developing quality control systems, factory management, and Asian procurement strategy.


Joe Clark,
BMF NZ Director

Originally from NZ, Joe has spent the last 17 years overseas in Europe and Asia working as a Project Manager in various fields including IT, Commercial Real Estate and Manufacturing. Now Joe heads up BMF's Oceania division including BMF NZ and BMF Australia.


Peter Clark,
BMF NZ Director

Peter was born and bred in NZ and has spent the last 27 years in the construction industry and gain experience in the European market as well as NZ. Peter brings his wealth of knowledge and experience to the BMF NZ team. 


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